cocktail dress by michael cinco – Cannes 2017 WERQ: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Unleashes the Full Cinderella Tom Lorenzo

cocktail dress by michael cincoCannes 2017 WERQ: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Unleashes the Full Cinderella Tom Lorenzo

Among the most versatile dresses that were ever created for wear on particular occasions is your cocktail dress. While the events for which cocktail dresses are worn are usually late afternoon or early evening affairs that are too casual to be called black-tie occasions, many cocktail dresses can now be worn everywhere, based on the cut and the material of the dress and the accessories worn out with it.

To wear a cocktail dress into a more formal event, all you have to do is to accessorize accordingly, possibly wear more flamboyant pieces of jewellery and heavier makeup. Should you need to wear something dressy to the office for any reason aside from the customary skirt or pantsuit, you can put on a cocktail dress that’s not too flashy and just throw on a blazer and slide right into sensible shoes. Many current fashions of cocktail dresses are not confined to being celebration wear anymore.

Selecting what type of cocktail gown to wear, though, can be very tricky for most women. After all, just a few women will claim to have genuinely perfect bodies, and most women who don’t fall in the supermodel class prefer to hide the defects of their characters. Wearing a one-piece dress like a cocktail dress can easily show those defects if the dress doesn’t match the wearer’s body type.

In picking the right cocktail gown to wear, a lady should always think about her body kind – if she is top-heavy or bottom-heavy — and find something that will balance out her figure. When she is top-heavy, she has the option either to emphasize her cleavage or to wear something that will pull the eyes to her thighs.

What type of cocktail gown would suit a woman with a bottom-heavy figure? As said above, a woman using a bottom-heavy figure would want to hide the depth around her buttocks and thighs. A fantastic cocktail dress for her to wear would be a dress that fits snugly around the waist but without the seams pushed out by extra padding around the stomach and has a skirt that flares out around the buttocks and thighs. A cocktail dress with a full skirt would be perfect for a woman using a bottom-heavy figure since it’s going to definitely hide whatever flabbiness and bulges she desires not to be observed throughout her lower body.

Another alternative available for a woman using a bottom-heavy figure is a cocktail gown that sports an empire-style waist. It also drapes and skims over the lower body. The only real risk with sporting an empire-style cocktail dress, however, is the empire-style cut is frequently used on maternity dresses, and so a lady wearing such a dress could possibly be confused to be pregnant.

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And yet another choice open for a lady with a bottom-heavy figure is a cocktail dress that is either sleeveless or strapless, also with a flaring skirt. Again, baring the arms and the shoulders is effective in drawing attention away from the buttocks.

As for women with top-heavy amounts, she could highlight her cleavage or her legs, as mentioned above. If she would like to place focus on her thighs instead of her cleavage, then she is able to wear a cocktail dress with a solid-colored top paired with a crochet skirt. She is able to hike the hem of her skirt up to make it briefer and actually draw the eyes to her legs.

If she wants to draw attention for her ample cleavage as opposed to her thighs, she is able to cover up her thighs in a long-skirted cocktail gown but reveal a little skin on her upper body with a low V-neck or plunging neckline. In fact, she is able to draw on the eyes to her top and her legs by wearing a short cocktail dress with a low neckline when she would like to. What she must do is to put on a cocktail dress with an overly busy shirt because it is going to make her upper body look bigger and hamper the balance of her figure.

Accessories also help maintain the illusion of balance on a lady’s figure aside from wearing the right kind of cocktail dress. However, she must purchase her cocktail dress initially prior to figuring out exactly what accessories, shoes and bag to wear.

Cocktail dresses are versatile dresses which may be worn on any event that requires a level of formality with no whole black-tie occasion. A woman should be able to pick the ideal cocktail dress that can definitely flatter her body type.

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